• Haystack Rock, Canon Beach

    Haystack Rock, Canon Beach
  • Good News

    Good News
  • Leanne


    This is my daughter at age 3.

  • MATT 11:30

    MATT 11:30

    For a design to feel restful it should have horizontal lines. I chose the warm colors to feel like a sunset, which evokes a peaceful scene. But cool colors often feel more peaceful, like water scenes are peaceful (and horizontal). I think it could be explored with blues and greens […]

  • ACT 3:11-26

    ACT 3:11-26

    I chose a unique way to depict trust. What could that look like? If I walk a tight rope across a canyon, each step of the way I must walk carefully or fall. In life it is similar as I listen to the Holy Spirit lead me, my life is […]


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