• Fishing Advice

    We can learn from a fisherman
  • 2016 Graceful Envelope Honorable Mention

    The envelope design theme was Communication
  • Danny’s Proposal Song

    Danny’s Proposal Song

    I used the wedding flowers as a watermark under the lettering

  • Jubilee Script

    Jubilee Script

     Jubilee Script created by Carol DuBosch creates a joyful and casual look

  • The woods would be quiet

    The woods would be quiet

     Broad edged pencil lettering links with the pencil sketch without overpowering it.

  • “R” Monogram

    “R” Monogram

    This decorated Versal is about 6″ x 9″. It is done with Micron pen, pointed pen, colored pencil, and silver.

  • 2015 Honorable Mention in the Graceful Envelope Contest

    2015 Honorable Mention in the Graceful Envelope Contest

    This year’s theme, “There’s No Place Like Home,” challenged calligraphers to create an envelope to illustrate what home means to them and address it artistically.  

  • Immanuel

    India ink on black paper becomes visible using bleach

    Steps to completing this piece: 1. Lettering on white paper 2. Transfer to black paper 3. India ink on black paper 4. Erase white guidelines 5. Spray bleach 6. Ready for highlights 7. Add gold and copper

  • Spring unlocks the flowers

    Spring unlocks the flowers

     The lettering on this piece was done in 1985 but had an ink drip at the bottom. Now, 30 years later, with the idea to enter it in a garden themed exhibit, inspiration came to crop out the drip and make a wild garden grow up through the words. Just looking […]

  • Wedding Prayer

    Wedding Prayer

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