• Sidewalk Chalk Art

    Sidewalk Chalk Art

    I’m developing new sidewalk chalk drawings for a class at Green River College, Auburn campus, on October 17, 2015. More details under “classes” tab.

  • Away in the Manger

    Away in the Manger

    What fun to draw and hear the children behind me guessing which animals I was drawing. Then I surprise them at the end with the animals looking down on the baby Jesus (open to see this image)

  • Recalculating Your GPS

    Recalculating Your GPS

    Life is often like navigating stormy seas in the dark. But with GPS–God’s Positioning System–Jesus at the helm of our ship–He guides us to safe harbors now and eternally (open post to see hidden picture)

  • 2013 Sidewalk Chalk Competition

    2013 Sidewalk Chalk Competition

    A close-up look at my winning Best Theme entry. Artists had 3 hours to complete their work in the hot sun. We could only use the chalk they supplied.

  • 2013 Sidewalk Chalk Competition

    2013 Sidewalk Chalk Competition

    The theme for Renton River Days was “Specquackular” revolving around their annual rubber ducky races. I pursued that category with a design that included the theme word calligraphically across the images of rubber duckies cascading down a wild waterfall (2nd picture). However, when I arrived I discovered words are not allowed in the […]

  • 2007 Sidewalk Chalk Competition

    2007 Sidewalk Chalk Competition

    Renton River Days hosts a sidewalk chalk competition. This sunset drawing won the People’s Choice Award. It is 42″ square. I had 3 hours to complete the drawing.

  • Jonah Chalk Talk

    Jonah Chalk Talk

    Jonah was swallowed by a giant fish. Open the post to see it!

  • The Christmas Gift!

    I draw the snow scene with the boy and the sled. The black light reveals the real gift of Christmas, Jesus, and the lights of the tree with the symbolic cross

    Click on this post to see hidden picture

  • Easter picture changes as it is drawn

    The transitional drawing changes as it is drawn, from a distant view of the crosses to standing inside the tomb


  • CT Lucado N drawing

    Telling a children’s story while chalk drawing

    Telling a children’s story while chalk drawing.


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